Chrysler building inspired ring

If anyone has looked closely at the art deco Chrysler building in New York there are some beautiful features worth gazing at for a while; particularly the spire and the eagles.

We’ve been studying it closely for a special commission; an art deco style ring with some Chrysler building inspired features. Take a look at the top of the building. You’ll see these references, worked in to our ring design. With an eagle head on each shoulder, sweeping up to the stylised lattice window under bezel. It’s been a while since we’ve had chance to make art deco piece; but what a thrill to make. With spectacular design detail and CAD work by Chris. Set with a 4.77ct emerald cut, blue sapphire and VVS baguette diamonds. The corner brilliant cuts were from the wearer’s original engagement ring. Hopefully, this ring should be featured soon, in a magazine article.