• Jewellery Remodelling

    Re-style your unwanted jewellery into something unique and outstanding. Re-modelling old jewellery into new, takes skill and good design. Sherry jewellery can create beautiful designs, giving old jewellery a new lease of life. Old stones are often un-calibrated, which means a truly bespoke mount is the only option to set them securely. We make each item of jewellery from scratch, ensuring the gems are housed precisely, into suitable settings.

    The Original Ring
    A ring arrives back to us for restoration. After over 20 years of constant wear, a diamond had been lost. Our client asked about upgrading to a larger centre. diamond.
    We removed the remaining diamonds.
    Some quick sketches were done, to show different cuts of stones, for the centre diamond.
    This design was settled on. The hunt for an appropriate quality emerald cut diamond, for the centre, began.
    Selecting the diamond
    Here were the choices. The diamond on the far right was the one chosen.
    A good match for the two remaining round diamonds.
    The diamonds here, seen over the chosen design. It's going to be stunning!
    CAD image
    We use CAD to make all of our rings. The diamonds will fit perfectly, with every detail considered.
    This ring was always going to be made in yellow gold but this is how it would have looked in platinum.
    We consider all of the angles before we make. Proportion and line are important to us.
    The claws in our CGIs are always illustrated a little longer. We do this to allow for setting the stones. Other than that, what you see is what you get!
    We can show you how it will look on the hand. At this point it's still only a manufacturing file but it's going to look great.
    We print our models for casting on a special 3d printer and 'grow' our models one layer at a time.
    It's on the way now only three hundred layers to go!
    Twelve hours later and we have our model.
    Here's it is after the red support wax is washed off. It's now ready for casting.
    A beautiful one piece casting. It's at this point that we send away for assay. The ring is independently tested and the hallmark is stamped in.
    After a pre-set polish, we can start setting the diamonds.
    Just the centre emerald cut diamond left to set.
    All done and looking gorgeous.
    Before and after
    A new lease of life for the original diamonds, with the sentiment intact...
    "Thank you so much, the ring is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't be happier."
  • Restyling your jewellery

    There are many options when re-styling your jewellery and of course, this depends what you’d ultimately like to achieve.

    A re-style may involve a completely new creation around original gems; the addition of new stones or metal, or the remaking of a component part. Whatever you decide, the whole process is carried out by us and in our own workshop.

    It’s possible to use the existing metal to make a new piece of jewellery. This can be done in a number of ways, through melting down and totally reforming an item by hand, to casting a new piece, using the original gold, (though it is sometimes necessary to add gold when recasting.)

  • Replicating Treasures

    Re-styling your jewellery is a great way to recycle pieces which may have gone past the point of feasible restoration. In these cases, duplicate copies are possible. We’re able to create close replicas of treasured items, giving a lifetime’s wear all over again.

    You can even have the option of changing the metal colour, from say, white to yellow gold. Stones from the original jewellery can be reset into new items. But we cannot change the colour of original existing metal; it has to be new metal to do this.

    You don’t have to just stick to the materials that you start with. A new piece can be greatly enhanced by adding extra gems, giving extra dynamism to a redesign. Beautiful gems can have a completely new piece created around them. We have transformed unwanted jewellery into extraordinary, statement pieces, by using the stones in more sympathetic or spectacular ways.

    Our design experience and understanding of ‘wear-ability’ will help you to achieve fantastic results.

  • Case Studies

    This beautiful spessartine garnet was removed from a plain ring. We designed a large statement ring, introducing these long baguette diamonds either side. It was a stunning piece of jewellery.

    This pink heart sapphire and diamond ring, was re-designed from 7 varying sized brilliant diamonds from an old ring.

    Our client wanted a statement piece, that needed to be very pretty whilst also having the WOW factor.

    With our guidance, she chose a baby-pink, heart shaped sapphire, around which, we incorporated her old diamonds. We added a few extra stones to complete the design and embellished the shoulders with more tiny diamonds.

    A perfect re-model using old jewellery.

  • Sentimental Value

    At SHERRY JEWELLERY we understand the importance of sentimental value. We care deeply about, and respect the significance of jewellery given by loved ones, or inherited from previous generations. Re styling can sometimes be a sensitive subject with other family members. Providing it’s done in the right way, it can give your jewellery a new lease of life. It may just need a simple alteration, but whatever you choose, it’s a great way of retaining that sentimental value, whilst allowing you to wear a piece of jewellery that suits you. Like a new clothes or a new hair style, if you look good, you feel good!

    Sentimental value is immeasurable and needs a thoughtful approach. Our service offers vital, sympathetic design expertise and care. Something that you shouldn’t leave to chance. SHERRY JEWELLERY does this type of work particularly well, and has done, for more than twenty eight years.

  • Case Study

    This white gold ring was created from two pieces of old jewellery. Our client wanted a simple, but unusual ring, which would make the most of the diamonds that she had available.
    It was designed to be worn with other rings and was carefully designed to let a wedding band sit snugly up against it.

  • You Can Rest Assured

    Whatever you decide to do, you can rest assured that we will listen to you and create you something that suits your needs exactly. We will pay attention to the things that matter to you, because we understand that your jewellery is precious in value and even more precious in sentiment.