Old jewellery into new remodel

Much of the jewellery we wear has sentimental value; signifying an event, or a connection to someone. So when a new customer came to us with her recently commissioned wedding ring, I wasn’t sure how she would want us help her. The original ring, whilst lovely, hadn’t turned out as the customer had expected and she asked if I could reuse all of the white gold and combine it with platinum to make a twisty ring. I used to make such rings years ago and happened to have a sample in 3 colours of gold, that I was able to show her. It was exactly what she wanted. Here are the step by step stages of our remodel. The ring was sawn open and straightened out It was then narrowed at one end, enough to feed it through ever-decreasing holes of a draw-down plate. This removed the textured surface of the white gold, until it was a long, smooth wire. Then we introduced 3 additional wires of platinum and started to twist all four strands together. When they were tightly wound, the spiral was rolled down through a mill: This gave the piece a curved profile, with a flat bottom, which would form the inside of the ring. Through detailed calculation and care, I was able to get the exact length of strand to make the correct finger size, whilst matching the pattern repeat and white gold sections, to make an imperceptible join possible. Once cut, the ends were brought together and soldered. After which, the ring was hammered round and finally polished. Platinum and 18ct white gold behave in different ways, when they’re twisted and soldered, so the process was quite a challenge. The original white gold is visible; running through the 4-wire twist. This is because 18ct white gold is a grey white colour, compared to platinum, which is bright white.