Pink sapphire and diamond halo ring in 18ct rose gold

Diamond and pink sapphire halo ring in rose gold

This is a bespoke baby pink sapphire and diamond halo ring. Made in 18ct rose gold as a surprise engagement ring.

Our client sent us a story board of ideas that his partner liked. He wanted to incorporate some pretty pale pink sapphires into a diamond engagement ring. We gave him a choice, from a selection of loose diamonds and he chose this big, 1.32ct brilliant cut white diamond as the central stone. The choice of red gold had already been made, but we were able to show both 9ct and 18ct red gold alloys, which have strikingly different characteristics. 9ct red/rose gold is just 37.5% pure gold, with the other 62.5% of the alloy being made up with other metals (predominantly copper) to give it the red colour. In 9ct rose gold, the shade is strong and deep. like copper pipe!
18ct rose gold is 75% pure gold, meaning that only 25% of the alloy are ‘lower’ metals. The introduction of copper into the alloy gives a warm, and orangey-pink colour to the metal: A really lovely shade.

The baby pink sapphires were enriched with the use of red gold and the central white diamond was defined, because we mounted it into a separate, 18ct white gold, high claw setting.
This is a delicious ring, that I would have been proud to wear myself!
The ring has been designed to allow a wedding ring in the future, to be worn snugly up against the engagement ring.