• Art Deco inspired ring

    Art Deco platinum ring

    Art Deco Chrysler Building inspired ring. If anyone has looked closely at the art deco Chrysler building in New York there are some beautiful features worth gazing at for a while; particularly the spire and the eagles. We’ve been studying it closely for a special commission; an art deco style ring with some Chrysler building […]

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  • Kunzite diamond halo ring bespoke made to order

    Diamond halo ring with pink kunzite

    This diamond halo has been set with a particularly pretty baby pink kunzite gem in the centre. Bespoke halo design ring which is set with a large pale pink kunzite surrounded by fine, white brilliant cut diamonds. the shoulders are set with baby pink sapphires for extra prettiness.

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  • Rose gold kunzite ring with diamond set claws

    Rose gold statement ring with pear cshape kunzite

    This kunzite ring in rose gold, with diamond set claws, was exhibited at The Goldsmiths’ Centre in London, as part of the Hidden Treasures Exhibition held in Spring 2018. Fellows of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths were invited to submit work for this show.

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  • Black diamond gents ring

    Sherry Jewellery black diamond gents ring. This is a unique bespoke design. Set with a large, brilliant cut black diamond with smaller white diamonds set into a flat, signet-style shoulder. Commissioned for a well known person, as a surprise. Created in palladium, with a high, four claw setting to hold the 4.47ct black diamond.

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  • Opal and diamond suite in 18ct yellow gold

    Opal and diamond suite in 18ct yellow gold This opal and diamond suite consists of an 18ct yellow gold ring, with a matching opal and diamond pendant. The opals were the best and most colourful, Australian opals that we have ever encountered. From the words of the gem dealer, who supplied them; “Value factors such […]

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  • Sapphire and pear cut diamond ring

    Sapphire and pear cut diamond ring. This sapphire and pear cut diamond ring was a bespoke ring order, commissioned as a surprise gift, from a chap to his wife. The recipient knew nothing about the husband’s planned gift, so we liaised discretely, to ensure that she didn’t ‘twig!’ The sapphire is a super, 5.07ct natural, […]

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  • Pink sapphire wavy ring

    Pink sapphire wavy ring. Our lady wanted something very pretty and delicate. She was attracted to flowers and general ‘organic’ shapes. (No straight lines and hard forms wanted.) We happened to have been offered first refusal on a packet of small padparadscha sapphires. These rare gems are a soft, rhubarb-pink colour (which isn’t done justice, in the photo!) We grouped them together in little clusters of three, creating floral ‘splashes’ to punctuate the wave.

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  • Pink diamond daisy engagement and wedding ring set

    Pink diamond daisy engagement and wedding ring set. This wedding and engagement ring set is an exclusive design by Sherry Jewellery. It comprises of a 1 carat central pink diamond, surrounded by 1.20ct of fine white, pear cut diamonds. This forms the centre ring. The outside array of petals is made with an outer ring […]

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  • Diamond and ruby floral ring remodel

    Diamond and ruby floral ring remodel. This was designed and made from old jewellery. Turning unwanted jewellery into new jewellery. This gently curving trio of 18ct white gold bands each has a floral cluster of rubies and diamonds. The tiny flower clusters are all delicately sculpted, to create the look of real flowers.

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  • Kunzite ring with peridot in rose gold

    Kunzite ring with peridot is part of a series of jewellery we have designed, inspired by the beauty of apple blossom. The direct complimentary colours of pinky-reds and leaf greens have always struck a chord for me. One of our favourite clients gave us a very free reign to create a statement ring. She was happy to be guided by my suggestion of juxtaposing pink and green. We chose to use little pear shaped peridot to imply foliage.
    The 5.20ct pear cut kunzite is very well cut with sharp facets and crisp reflection. We chose rose gold for the ring body. The warm coppery colour brings out the delicate pink of the kunzite gem.
    We’re going to create a series of jewellery based on apple blossom and the colours of spring. Placing opposing colours side by side for sharp contrasts.

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