• Opal and diamond suite in 18ct yellow gold

    Opal and diamond suite in 18ct yellow gold
    This opal and diamond suite consists of an 18ct yellow gold ring, with a matching opal and diamond pendant. The opals were the best and most colourful, Australian opals that we have ever encountered.

    From the words of the gem dealer, who supplied them;
    “Value factors such as transparency, brightness and spread of play of colour all come into account and of course location. These are from the Allawah plot from Lightening Ridge, Australia, home to the world’s finest black and crystal opals. I fell in love with them ! You can of course get Ethiopian jelly hydrophane opals at a fifth of the price (or less depending on quality) but in my mind they are not the same thing. Always look slightly murkier with not such large intense patches of rolling colour. Also not as stable, subject to drying out and crazing and if you dropped them in a glass of red wine would be ruined (!) Whereas Australian opal is impervious! They are different products.”

    So now you know the difference between the low grade material that they sell on the shopping channels and the REAL top-grade opals, as shown here!

    We were asked to design a suite of jewellery, which was very sympathetic to the natural, rounded shape of each stone. She wanted the opals to look as if they were still within the boulder: Nestling and encased. Their extraordinary play of colour barely needed any further embellishment, but we decided on tiny, brilliant cut diamond accents, for good measure!The rounded, 3 dimensional quality of the finished pieces really isn’t shown well in the picture, but they were smooth and ‘smartie’ like in their feel. I really badly wanted to keep this opal and diamond suite in 18ct yellow gold, for myself!