• Bespoke aquamarine and diamond trillion ring

    Bespoke aquamarine and diamond trillion ring. This ring is a remodel. Remodelling old jewellery into new is a speciality of ours. We are able to redesign old gold and gems, to create new bespoke jewellery. These matching and unusually cut aquamarine warranted a special design. We dropped them into a whiplash curve, to create the fluid thrash of a wave. The fully cut brilliant diamonds added extra sparkle to the aquamarine ring; creating a ‘white horses’ effect seen on choppy seas. Aquamarine are part of the Beryl group of minerals. Along with green emerald and morganite, they are precious, gem quality stones. High grade blue aquamarine commands higher prices than the more watery, pale blue-green shades. They are moderately soft, registering 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale.
    This is a bespoke aquamarine and diamond trillion ring, which is the copyright of Sherry Jewellery