• Emerald Cut Gents Signet Ring

    Emerald cut gents signet ring. Set with 1ct E VS1 superb, emerald cut diamond. The ring is a bespoke design, created specifically to fit the shape, size and depth of the glassy diamond. The rich yellow of the 18ct gold makes a bold contrast against the very white diamond.The gentleman wanted a really special, tasteful piece of jewellery creating; a ring that he could comfortably wear all of the time. He also wanted the ring to be eye-catching, without look pretentious or over-feminine.
    The emerald cut gents signet ring is made in one solid unit. We prefer not to hollow out the underside of our work whenever possible. Leaving the gold in a solid block maintains both the weight and the strength of a piece.
    We wanted to make the profile of this Gents Signet Ring, a feature of the design. The ring had to have some height to its top, to accommodate the depth of the diamond. But the client also wanted the ring to have a soft look, rather than be all hard edges. So we created a vertically sided profile, with a softly curving top. This shape hugs the top of the emerald cut diamond and ensures that it is secure .
    The setting itself was a uniquely profiled cup, which seated the diamond exactly and allowed a subtle lip of gold to be pressed over the edge of each end. This created the effect of the diamond floating between the gold, yet held it firmly in its cradle.
    Almost all of our work is bespoke, designed and made exclusively for the commissioning client. This ensures that a piece is unique to them, and protected under copyright. We register our jewellery designs, to ensure that they remain our Intellectual property. Copying or duplicating our work is not permitted.