• Flower pendant in platinum with diamonds

    Nine petal flower pendant in platinum with diamonds. This completely bespoke pendant was commissioned by a returning customer.. This wonderful lady wanted to use diamonds from a previously made piece, to create ” a kick-ass-flower.” Due to changes in direction and personal circumstances, this commission took about 10 months to fully explore and complete. The finished article was a glorious statement in originality; a big piece, bejewelled in fine white diamonds. The chain was long enough to go straight over the head. The lower section of the chain was further embellished with double-sided, diamond spheres, which punctuated the strong, spiga link chain.
    We toyed with the idea of setting the centre of the flower with a big yellow sapphire. But in the end, the client opted for a highly polished centre section, encrusted with a halo of very bright, white diamonds.
    The nine petals were set at their ends with big, brilliant cut diamonds. These were roman-set, which offered a wonderfully pleasing smooth finish that the wearer could enjoy by the sense of touch.
    This focus on the tactile quality was further explored at the back of the pendant, where the petals were sculpted into concave dips.
    Between each petal, we set fine, bright, pear shaped diamonds. These were as dew-drops which glistened and flashed as the pendant moved. They were cleverly suspended in the dip between the petals, on a slightly lower plane to the main body. This gave depth and detail to the whole piece.
    This flower pendant in platinum with diamonds was completely unique.
    Every bespoke piece of jewellery is designed and made in our studio. Each design is our intellectual property and is protected by copyright laws. We endeavour to only ever make one item of a design. Occasionally, a variation on a theme will be asked for and if we feel that the final design will have significantly differing qualities to the original piece, then we may re-create it in its new guise.