• Rose gold kunzite ring with diamond set claws

    Kunzite ring in rose gold with diamond set claws. This HUGE pale pink kunzite is set into a statement ring by Sherry Jewellery. The pear shape pale pink stone has an almost ethereal quality about it, with its glassy, subtle hue.
    We embellished it with fully cut brilliant diamonds into each of the eight claws.
    The lower setting also has buttons of round pink sapphires, which reflect their colour through the fear rose gold kunzite ring was exhibited at The Goldsmiths’ Centre in London, as part of the Hidden Treasures Exhibition held in Spring 2018. Fellows of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths were invited to submit work for this show.

    Our rose gold kunzite ring is made of 9ct rose gold, which has a percentage of copper within its alloy. This is what gives the gold its pinky colour. The alloy of rose gold can turn a different rosy shade, depending on the individual who’s wearing it. Some people turn it an even warmer red, which I think is to do with their own ph levels.

    As with much of our work, the bespoke design was driven by the stone as well as the customer’s brief.