• Platinum opal and diamond rope twist ring

    Platinum opal and diamond rope twist ring

    This ring was a remodel. It was created from a platinum full eternity ring and an opal and diamond cluster ring; both of which were very old and worm out beyond economical repair. Our clients (a mother and daughter) had quite conflicting ideas about what was important to them. As this was to be a 21st birthday present, made from the Grandmother’s inherited jewellery, it was important to satisfy both of the clients’ requirements! (No easy task)
    We chose a cluster configuration, which suited them both. The Mum wanted a very traditional look, whilst her daughter wanted a ring that had a flatter, everyday-wear, character. We offered a number of design choices and the sculptural, twisted rope quality of one of our drawings caught their eye.
    By dropping a diamond, between each threaded twist, we were able to resolve the conflicting briefs: Moving away from a traditional, gallery-claw settings for the diamonds and instead, nestling them in a very fluid, sculptural rope form.
    The beautiful oval opal was set into a simple rub-over frame. This type of setting serves two purposes: It creates a neat and secure case around the stone, whilst also protecting the opal better from impacts.
    The platinum opal and diamond rope twist ring was collected in person by our clients: They were both delighted with the ring!