Jemispheres by Sherry Jewellery are tactile pendants which have a central, rotating gemstone set into a gold cup. They are available in silver, 9ct or 18ct gold, in white, yellow or rose alloys. Set with china blue, blue lace agate. The first thirty represent Our Blue Planet. Each agate is unique, making every Jemisphere slightly different. They are like little globes and have the Sherry Design Jemisphere trademark around the rim. Stylish little trinkets; funky precious jewellery.

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Jemispheres are precious ball shaped pendants, designed to be worn on a long chain. They are intended to have a pleasing, tactile trinket quality, allowing the central gemstone to be rotated and spun, like a worry bead : Stress relief in pendant form. The stone is encapsulated inside a heavy little hemisphere, in either gold or silver. Each cup has an intricate pierced out design, arraying from the centre point. The stone inside can be seen whichever way around the pendant falls. It looks great from the ‘back’ having a stained glass effect, as you see the gem through the pattern.

The first 30 will be named ‘Our Blue Planet’ and set with China-blue, blue lace agate. Each agate is slightly different, so no two Jemispheres will be quite the same. They can be hung from the standard pendant loop, which they come with, or you can order it with a diamond set, clip bail. These clever little clips allow the Jemisphere to be worn on different necklaces, for a variety of looks.

The name Jemispere derives from gems which are spherical.

The standard size sphere, is approximately 16mm diameter. We can also make bespoke Jemispheres, to special order. So, if you have a specific colour or mineral in mind, we can source one for you and make you a one-off.

The rim of each Jemispere has the ‘Sherry Design Jemisphere’ trademark running around the top. This ensures that you’re getting an original design, which has been registered as our intellectual property under the Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988.
Great for stress relief, these little globes are talking points.


Silver and blue agate £135

9ct gold (in yellow, white or rose colour) £390

18ct yellow gold (in yellow, white or rose gold) £780

Optional extra: Gold and diamond, clipped bail @ £290

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