• Geraldine Rowan

    I loved the images and uniqueness of the pieces on Sherry Jewellery website. I was nervous about choosing something that I hadn’t seen and tried on. I had no direct recommendation but I hadn’t seen any other jeweller that offered the styles that Ruth showed on her website. But to get what I wanted I needed to find out more.

    From the moment I got an email from Ruth I knew she understood what I wanted and gave me such a number of options to work with my budget and designs that I loved. That was so reassuring it made it easy to choose Sherry Jewellery.

    Our rings are the most beautiful pieces. In value terms they look more expensive than they were. I feel that I have a unique piece that more than matches my expectations.
    I would definitely recommend Sherry Jewellery to anyone. This is online jewellery shopping with a more personal service than I have ever experienced in a shop.

  • Amanda and Stuart

    “Thank you once again for all your beautiful work. The engagement ring is perfect, and we are both delighted with the result. We have received many compliments about its unusual style and its unique setting. It could not be more perfect for me.

    I would recommend your Sherry Jewellery to anybody who wants a piece of unique jewellery commissioned, as your design process and craftsmanship are second to none, in my opinion. The consultation made me feel at ease, and I feel like I have learned a lot about precious gemstones in the process! We will be contacting you in the near future to commission a matching wedding band, and we look forward to dealing with you. We could not be happier with the entire process from start to finish!”

  • Susan

    I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my ring. It is truly special – a stunner thanks to your craftmanship and I am very grateful for all the love and attention you have put into it via the detail.

    I will forward some more of my thoughts for your website if you should care to use them but in the meantime wanted to add that it is so comfy, doesn’t slip or anything – I hadn’t really appreciated the weight concept and balance until now. It is a real ‘designer’ piece of jewellery equal or superior(!) to the likes of Bulgari and I fell very privileged to be wearing a piece such as this which otherwise I would never have been able to afford in the Bond Street realm of jewellers. Thank you for making it possible!

    Have a lovely weekend – I know I will!

  • Morag and Family

    My dearest Ruth and Chris,
    I can’t believe Molly managed to keep it a secret that my gorgeous ring was going to arrive today! I absolutely love it, infact we all do. You have reached into my imagination and captured the essence of everything I wanted the ring to evoke emotionally for me and combined that with a piece of jewellery that everyone has looked at and said that it makes them think of me. I don’t have the words to convey what that means to me and looking to the (hopefully long) future, to know that the family will have something in the family that so makes them smile and think of me is something that is beyond value. I don’t know how you managed to create such a perfect and evocative piece of jewellery from my confused thoughts but you somehow have and it is testament to your patience, your obvious creativity and talent and a thoughtfulness and sensitivity that has extended beyond a simple commission for a piece of jewellery. It’s not all that often that you come across people in life whose thoughfulness and care extends so far beyond what is required to get the job done and it has been a pleasure and memorable experience for us all as a family to have come across two people who so clearly care about the story and emotions that go into a bespoke piece of jewellery.
    Thank you so very much

  • D. Greenwood

    Ruth’s knowledge of the jewellery business is invaluable and her passion for what she does shines through. I am not the easiest person to work with as I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted but we worked together and she was extremely patient and understanding. She kept me informed of the progress from start to finish and I felt I had a say in every little detail of the ring.
    The ring arrived on Saturday and I am completely blown away with it. It is truly amazing and I can’t stop looking at it. Ruth and Chris have created me my dream ring and I can’t thank them enough. Sherry jewellery gave me a bespoke piece of jewellery that is totally unique, the quality speaks for itself and it’s worth every penny of what it cost….what more could I have asked for? I would say to anyone who is reading this right now and wondering “Should they? Shouldn’t they?” just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Aquamarine and diamond remodel

    Over a number of years I had been given some very beautiful pieces of jewellery to celebrate the birth of my children, wedding anniversaries and birthdays. But as I’m not a big wearer of lots of pieces, I always felt it was such a shame that they were largely consigned to their boxes and rarely got an outing.
    I also had two wedding rings, one from each of my grandmothers, that meant a great deal to me but again I never wore.
    I decided that what I needed, was one piece that I absolutely loved and that held all the memories of the individual pieces. In essence I wanted a piece that for me represented my life and the people who meant something to me and the special times we had shared. That was a tall order !

    From the minute I met Ruth she understood absolutely what I was talking about and the type of ring that I had in mind. She created a series of beautiful sketches for me and I picked elements from a number of them.
    Ruth created a stunning and very unusual final design that was big and bold and blew me away. Once it was made it was even more stunning. I am absolutely delighted and thrilled with it and each element of it and each of the stones mean something different and have a lovely memory attached.
    I cannot recommend Sherry Jewellery highly enough, they are masters in their craft, the whole experience was exciting and the product fabulous.