Top 10 ways to propose

Top Ten ways to propose

If you’re looking to tips on top 10 ways to propose, here are some suggestions, base on clients’ stories, collected by us over the years.

1 Romantic weekend away

At number 1, is the romantic weekend away proposal. Be it at a luxury country retreat, on a city break taking in cultural delights of said city, Paris, Barcelona, etc.. Or a place of no exceptional significance, other than it’s special to you. If weekends away, aren’t something you’d normally do, she may suspect that you’re up to/planning something. So make the proposal itself special: Write the question in the sand….. spell out the words with lit candles….
We have one customer who chalked his message on bench seat, part-way along a costal walkway. Unfortunately, it has started to drizzle during their stroll and the words were barely discernable by the time they reached the bench. He ended up having to draw her attention to the dribbling marks, making her read them out loud. At the time, she thought he had gone nuts, as they were getting wetter by the minute and she couldn’t understand why he was so insistent! Finally, she made out the words. With screams of joy and rain pouring down her face, she said yes. (There is a moral to this story, but I won’t bore you with it.)

2 At the top of something

Eiffel tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Empire State building, you get the idea. Take her breath away with the view, then again with the proposal and a fabulous bespoke engagement ring. Any famous venue or natural world icon would have the same effect. Think carefully beforehand: If she doesn’t do heights well, perhaps a famous bridge, (like Le Pont Neuf in Paris) would be more appropriate.

3 Romantic restaurant setting

At number 3, is the romantic restaurant proposal. Plan carefully though and book well in advance. The more upmarket the better. Go to somewhere you know or that has a good reputation, to avoid the ‘bad-meal’ disappointment.
When booking, ask for a more secluded area in the room. It’s a special moment; no need to share it with an office party on the next table.
I’ve known of men who ask the waiter to bring the ring concealed inside a pudding. (Health & safety nightmare, but many may comply with the strangest request.) A heady mix of diamond ring and chocolate might make it hard for her to resist!

4 Holiday

Fourth on our list is the holiday proposal. My obvious advice would be get the engagement ring and take it with you; don’t fall into the trap of buying something when you’re out there.
Two good reasons for this:
A. Spur of the moment, may mean you have just got carried away by the romance of the holiday and haven’t thought it through properly!
B. Unless you really know your onions, on the jewellery & gem front, you could be buying a howler!
We have, more often than I care to mention, had to tell someone that they haven’t bought a genuine gem, or precious metal ring. Or that they haven’t had sound advice about what they were buying. It can turn a romantic gesture into an embarrassing mistake, which could make you feel a little foolish. A bespoke engagement ring, bought with thought and care, before the holiday, would be a wiser buy.

5 Public proposal announcements

At a concert, on the radio, a banner from the back of a plane, etc. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before.
BUT, consider the girl: If she’s very shy, she certainly won’t appreciate the attention and pressure. Thousands of strangers, as audience to her ‘moment’ might be rather off-putting. However, if you think she can handle it, be imaginative and go for it!
Just one note of caution though: Be sure she’s going to say “yes” to avoid embarrassment! If after considering all of these things, you still feel it’s right, it can be a grand gesture that will be told and re-told over many years.

6 Spring it on them proposal

This one is great, if you suspect she might be expecting your question!
Drop to one knee at the deli-counter. Get the cabby to ask her for you, as you step out of a taxi! Catch her un-expectedly, as she comes out of a changing room. You’re probably expected to give your opinion on something she’s trying on, so say something like, “That looks great, but it would look even better if you wore this”….. and present the engagement ring.
The more mundane the situation, the better the surprise! (But, be prepared to be told, by her, that you have to ask again, in a more romantic environment.)

7 The special date proposal

Most couples have ‘special dates’ in their calendar; be it just a birthday or the date of a ‘first’ (Meeting, kiss, etc….) The surprise element may be lacking a bit, if it’s a date that’s prominent in your minds. However, that may not be important, when the thought and planning is specifically because of the date itself. Do the job well, with a beautiful engagement ring and you’ll make it a date she’ll never forget.

8 The return to the ‘first meeting place’ proposal

Possibly a bit slushy; but places can be loaded with memories and emotion. The place where you first met, or even the venue of your first date, can be a good backdrop for that question. Again, how you ask, depends on you. I’ve know of a couple, who scrambled up a hillside, (where they went for a picnic on their first date) Only to find that he had dropped the diamond ring, on the way up. They spent the rest of the morning looking for it, finally finding it in the foot well of his car!

9 The ‘ask the father for her hand in marriage’ proposal

Do it the ‘old-fashioned’ way! You’d be surprised how many men still follow procedure and ask ‘Daddy’ first. Obviously, you’ve choices about how you do this. The economy version, is to ask him, in front of her; that way you only have to ask once!
You can discuss your plans with Father, when you’ve all come together for an event. That way, you can follow through almost immediately, by asking her.
You could pick two separate situations, appropriate to the circumstances and characters involved. If Father frightens your socks off, you may need a lie-down, once you’ve asked him, before you proceed to ask her.
Finally; if there’s any chance that he won’t approve, best not to involve him at all. You’ll end up with the dilemma of whether to go against his wishes, if he refuses!
Good Luck.

10 The Valentine ’s Day proposal

This is probably the most predictable one. Not my favourite, as it seems a bit forced. But everyone has different ideas and it might be just the thing for you.
You’ll still need to think of a venue. You could arrange a surprise engagement party and pop the question in front of friends. You could arrange for a Barber-Shop quintet to sing her the question in a restaurant. The options are endless.

All of the above are just ideas, for settings and situations, in which to propose. They are just light-humoured suggestions for those wanting advice about ‘How to do it.’
My general advice would be to know & understand your partner, to determine the best setting to propose within. Have fun and enjoy the moment.

Finally; try to keep it clean…….. your fiancé is likely to want to tell others how you did it, so if you want to avoid embarrassment, choose a situation that can be described in full detail, without them blushing.

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