Unique swirly cluster diamond rings

Unique swirly cluster diamond rings: Engagement and wedding ring set.

This beautifully fluid ring design was commissioned by a couple, who wanted their engagement and wedding ring set to be tasteful and unique. They asked for a diamond cluster configuration, but had a preference for curvy, organic shapes. They wanted additional diamonds, to produce a ‘whole’ design, rather than an idea that revolved around a single cluster. Our proposal introduced subtle curves and Art Nouveau ‘whiplashes’ spiralling from the centre. When we were asked to produce the wedding ring, we were able to track around the engagement ring exactly, to compliment and literally underline the existing ring. This further emphasised the fluid shapes, to compliment the original cluster.

We pride ourselves in being able to design and create original pieces of jewellery, that are unique to our customers. Having the free reign to conceive and realise truly exclusive ring suites. As the old saying goes; “The devil is in the detail.” we are happy to go the extra mile: Taking more time and effort to produce designs that have finesse and elegance always pays off for the wearer.